Home-Options is about choices: it's about where you live, work, train and how you live your life.

Home-Options give you the information you need so you can make the right choices. If you're looking for information on homes to rent from councils and housing associations in Derbyshire, you've come to the right place.


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1 December by 5pm

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How to register

To bid for properties or to access personalised advice on the Home-Options site, you first need to register.

Follow this link to our Online Registration Form and complete the form. This will take about 20 to 25 minutes - please provide as much information as possible so we can deal with your application quickly. A number of the questions are mandatory and you will not be able to progress with your application unless all of those questions are answered.

Before you start your application, you will need your National Insurance number and details of your address(es) over the past five years as we are unable to process your application without them. You will also need to provide us with a phone number or email address so we can contact you if we have any questions about your application. If you are unable to use the online form, please contact your local Home-Options team for further advice.

Please note that it is not possible to go back to the form and change any details once you have submitted the form. You will need to contact your local Home-Options team to do this.

If you are already registered with Home-Options and have a log in number please do not register again unless you have previously moved into social housing through Home-Options and would now like to transfer. Please note that under our latest allocation policy, you will not qualify to re-join Home-Options within five years unless your circumstances have changed since you were re-housed. If you are a social housing tenant, we advise you to register for a mutual exchange to increase your chances of finding a move. Please see our mutual exchange page for further information.

Once you have submitted your form, we will process your application. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide any information we need to check the details you have supplied and we will be unable to process your application without it. Once your application has been accepted, you should receive a welcome letter with your Home-Options reference number within 10 working days.

If you experience any difficulties in using the form, please contact the Home-Options Co-ordinator by email at

The Right to Move

From 20 April 2015, people who are already tenants of councils, housing associations or housing trusts have the right to move to another local authority area to be closer to work or take up an offer of work. You can apply to the local council for housing, even if you don't normally have a local connection to that area.

To qualify for housing in that new area, you must show that you would suffer hardship if you were not able to move. The factors we take into account include:

• the work you do and the type of contract you have
• the distance and/or time taken to travel between work and home
• the availability and affordability of transport, taking into account your level of earnings
• the nature of the work and whether similar opportunities are available closer to home
• other personal factors, such as medical conditions and child care, which would be affected if you could not move.

If you already live in the Home-Options area (Amber Valley, Derbyshire Dales, Erewash and High Peak) and want to move within the area, you can use the online form to apply (in the reasons for moving, please state that you are using your Right to Move).

If you don’t currently live in the Home-Options area and haven’t already worked in the area for six months or more, you cannot currently apply using the online application form. Please contact the Home-Options team in the area in the area in which you want to live to discuss your application. Details can be found here: Contact your local Home-Options team.

Updating your details

If you are registered and you need to update your phone or email contact details, please visit the 'My Details' page once you have logged in. If you have moved house or if your circumstances have changed in any other way, please contact your local Home-Options team to let them know about the changes.

The demand for social housing

Housing in the Home-Options area is in short supply and we are unable to help everyone through this scheme. We have over thirteen thousand applicants registered for housing but we are only able to re-house six hundred applicants every year.

We have developed other options which we encourage you to consider. To see these, visit the 'Housing Options' page.